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Repair the rift in your relationship

Is There A Rift In Your Relationship?

Does it seem as though your relationship with your spouse or partner has lost its spark? As though there is a roadblock between you that won’t budge? Have you been fighting or arguing more frequently? Or is a lack of communication between you causing problems?

It is perfectly normal for couples to fight and argue. It helps make the relationship stronger and more resilient. But if you feel that your relationship with your significant other has become impossible to reconcile, perhaps it is time to seek professional help.

At Eclectic Counseling Brooklyn, we offer the best counseling and therapy services in Brooklyn for you and your partner. We pride ourselves on our highly experienced staff who can help you figure out your problems and build a happier, healthier relationship.

The problem can be so much more than just occasional arguments and fighting. Lying, infidelity, verbal and physical abuse and a plethora of other issues often make a relationship sour. If you are unsure whether or not you need couples counseling, there are some common indicators that you could benefit from the process.

Signs You Need Couples counseling


If you or your partner have been unfaithful to one another, it can cause a lot of strain on the relationship. Infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce. Even couples who have come clean about their cheating have difficulty moving on or trusting each other ever again.

Family life stresses

If you have been married for a while or have children of your own, it can seem as though each day brings with it new problems and stresses. Such an environment is hardly conducive to a healthy relationship. 

Sex/intimacy issues

Sex is an integral part of any relationship, and often we hear complaints that a persons partner are not fulfilling their needs. A healthy sex life promotes a loving relationship, and vice versa. If you feel ignored or unfulfilled, it could be due to a lack of communication with your partner. It is also possible that you and your spouse have suffered some trauma that remains unresolved. Therapy can help you voice your concerns in a safe and respectful setting.

Problems in communication

A lack of communication is perhaps the most common complaint people have in a relationship. It can be awful to feel you are not being heard or understood, especially by the person you trust most. Therapy allows you to work on communication skills so that you and your partner can have a more constructive discourse about your concerns and work through any problems as a team.

Premarital issues

Getting married is one of the biggest steps we take in life. As such, it can be a nerve wracking and strenuous process. Marriage counseling before actually getting married is a great way for couples to better understand each other and prepare for their life moving forward. We believe premarital counseling is an essential process for anyone looking to start their married life with a bit more context and understanding of just what marriage entails. The vast majority of couples who opted for premarital counseling report being more satisfied and happy moving forward.

Feeling that you have grown apart

It can seem that you and your spouse have fallen out of love and no longer feel the same way about each other. More often than not, this could just be due to some underlying issues that need to be resolved. However in some cases, it could be that you are simply not compatible with each other. Whatever the situation, counseling can help you and your partner figure out a way to rekindle your relationship or even move on from it amicably.

Couples Therapy Alone Or With Your Partner

Individual Couples Therapy


If you think you and your partner would benefit from couples therapy, it can be a good idea to start off with individual therapy. At Eclectic Counseling Brooklyn, we offer individual therapy as a precursor to therapy for you and your spouse. We find that this is a really good way for both you and your partner to familiarize yourselves with the process and decide on exactly what you hope to achieve.

This will involve you and your partner talking with a therapist individually and forming a plan of action moving forward. Alternatively, some folks like to use the opportunity to work on their own issues before moving on to couples counseling. Many people find that the problems they are facing can be resolved without the need for bringing their partner along.

With Your Partner


The next step is couples therapy. Here, you and your partner will work together under the supervision of a licensed therapist who will guide and advise you. Eclectic Counseling Brooklyn provides a safe space to bring up any issues you are experiencing without the fear of judgement.

We believe healing can only occur when you work in conjunction with your partner and find mutually agreeable solutions to the problem. Moreover, our work aims to make your connection stronger so that the issues do not recur in the future.

Couples And Marriage Counseling In Brooklyn

If you’ve been having a tough time communicating with your spouse or if you’ve been arguing more often and aren’t quite sure what your marriage needs, counseling has been proven to help couples figure out their problems and resolve them with time and effort.

Couples counseling will involve:

  • Talking to your partner and a therapist.
  • Practicing new skills.
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of your problems and how to resolve them.

Introspection and discourse are two of the main tools you’ll use to fix your relationship, guided by a trained counselor. Finally, we urge our clients to remember that it is not you versus your spouse, but rather you and your spouse versus the problem. If you need some more information, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions that should help you get a better idea of the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

‘How long will the process take?’

It depends wholly on the individuals concerned and the severity of the situation. Realistically, it could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years of consistent, hard work to mend your relationship and find peace.

‘How much will therapy cost?’

Therapy is an essential service that has the potential to improve every aspect of your life. Here at Eclectic Counseling Brooklyn, we understand customers can be constrained financially; that’s why we offer competitive and affordable rates. We also accept insurance plans such as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and United Healthcare/Oxford.

‘What can I do to prepare for therapy?’

We always urge our clients to set out their aims and goals before coming into therapy. Knowing what you hope to achieve and the direction you want to take is a useful asset on the road to recovery. We recommend taking notes or keeping a journal of your experiences and sharing it with your therapist if you are comfortable doing so.

‘We are not comfortable divulging sensitive issues to a complete stranger. What should we do?’

It is important to remember that your therapist is legally bound to keep all of your information private and confidential. As such, you can rest assured that anything you share with your therapist will never leave the room. Furthermore, acknowledging the problem and talking about it is the first and hardest step. If you can overcome that, you are well on your way to a happier, more satisfying relationship.

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If your marriage is on the rocks, or if you feel your relationship with your partner is not working due to some problems, Eclectic Counseling Brooklyn provides the best marriage and couples counseling services in Brooklyn. We look forward to helping you figure out anything you need help with and facilitating a more satisfactory relationship.

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