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Struggling With The Loss Of  A Loved One?

The passing of someone we love is an unfortunate event that’s inevitable in life. If it’s a parent, partner, sibling, child, or just a close friend, it can feel impossible to find closure and move forward from such a loss.

It’s not uncommon for the death of a loved one to leave a person empty and hopeless, which can lead to worsening mental health issues such as hopelessness, depression, anxiety, and chronic stress.

Finding closure after the death of someone who provided meaning and fulfillment in another’s life, can be a difficult process as one struggles to fill the gap their loved one left.

While everyone inevitably experiences grief, sometimes it becomes overwhelming and even debilitating. In this case, consider grief counseling with an experienced and compassionate counselor from Eclectic Counseling Brooklyn. 

Do You Need Grief Counseling?

A natural part of accepting the loss of a loved one is to confide with friends and family. Communicating to others how we feel and the emotions we’re experiencing is essential to overcoming grief.

However, it may feel like no one understands the loss and pain you’re experiencing. Feeling like no one can relate to you isn’t uncommon, and it’s why a trained and compassionate counselor can connect to your suffering and be that person who understands what you’re going through.

If you or someone you know is struggling to accept and overcome the loss of a loved one, consider grief counseling to guide you through the pain you’re experiencing and begin the process of healing.

Here at Eclectic Counseling Brooklyn, our team of counselors have years of experience guiding folks through the pain that accompanies the death of a loved one. Our individual grief counseling works to unravel these intense emotions you’re feeling, helping you understand and adjust to them.

Signs That You Need Grief Counseling


Your grief can easily transform itself into a depressive state if you don’t properly reconcile the loss of a loved one. Depression is a common symptom of grief but left unaddressed it can become debilitating and have serious consequences. Properly addressing and coming to grips with your grieving can ease the depression and help you slowly accept the loss.

Fluctuating weight

Changes in eating habits are common when experiencing the emotions that accompany the loss of a loved one. Some people lose their appetite entirely and begin dropping in weight, while others turn to food as a way to escape and indulge themselves in fatty foods. Extreme changes in eating habits are a symptom of a person struggling to overcome loss and grief. Helping a person accept their loved one’s death and allowing them to move on can help minimize poor eating patterns.

Struggling to move on

While everyone grieves in their own time, if you feel like you can’t move on, and very little has changed in your mental state since losing a loved one. You could be struggling to accept your new reality. You’re not just mourning the end of that person but also the end of the role they played in your life. This can make it difficult to move on as your life has changed fundamentally since their passing.

Moving on too well

In some cases a person won’t address their grief and pretend nothing bad has even happened. Accepting your grief is a natural process that needs to happen if you are to properly move on from losing someone close to you. Avoiding your feelings and pretending they’re not there can create more underlying tension in your life which may resurface in a more painful way.

Sleeping problems

The struggle of overcoming grief and loss can affect one’s sleep in various ways. Some folks lie in bed all night and can’t get their mind off their loved one. While others turn inwards to the world, sleep all day and night, and never leave bed. Either way, extreme sleep issues are a strong sign of a person struggling to accept their new reality.

Substance abuse

If you or someone you know has begun consuming excessive amounts of alcohol or illicit substances after the death of someone close, this can be a coping mechanism to escape from the pain and loss of losing someone they loved.

Common Concerns Of Grief Counseling

Grief counseling won’t work

Studies have found that counseling and therapy services are the most effective way of overcoming your grief. Just like visiting a doctor for a physical ailment, you’re dealing with trained professionals who have undergone years of study and years of experience in their field. 

The thought of counseling makes me uncomfortable

Many people do not feel uncomfortable on the thought of counseling sessions. It’s entirely normal and shouldn’t dissuade you from attending. Confronting what’s causing you great pain can be difficult at first, but it’s a necessary step to move on from the loss you have experienced.  

If I talk about my loss I’ll only feel worse

Avoiding how you truly feel and pretending like everything is fine can create far more pain than addressing your issues in the first place.

Will I require medication?

For some patients medication is necessary, but here at Eclectic Counseling Brooklyn, we do not prescribe medication and instead focus on counseling clients to a better well-being. It’s quite normal to require medication, for more severe cases that can be brought on or triggered by a significant life event such as the passing of a loved one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

‘Can’t I deal with grief on my own?’

While a lot of people do overcome grief within their own means, everyone is different and some struggle to resolve their sense of loss and end up grappling with their sense of loss for far longer than necessary. A trained counselor can ease the pain you’re feeling and shorten the length of time you spend grieving.

‘What will I actually do in grief counseling?’

As a patient, you’ll sit with your counselor and discuss the loss of your loved one and how you feel about it. Communicating how you feel and putting strong emotions into words is an excellent first step to improvement. Your counselor may also ask certain questions to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and why you feel the way you do.

‘How long will all this take?’

Unraveling the grief you’re feeling is a complicated process that can’t be rushed. How long it will take will vary greatly from person to person, but when done properly. Counseling will relieve the burden of loss and allow you to move on with your life. Sometimes a person only needs a few weeks  while others may require much longer.

‘What should I say to someone who’s bereaved?’

Everyone is different and how they react after the loss of a loved one will vary greatly. Some people open up and want to talk about the person they’re grieving, while others close themselves off to the world and wish to discuss nothing. There’s no right or wrong answer to what to say, but don’t force anything and sometimes it’s best to just give a bereaved person time.

End Your Grief Today

It can feel like grief will never end and the feeling of loss will stay with you forever, but the intensity of these emotions does often decrease and considering counseling means you’re already moving in the right direction.

While counseling won’t instantly fix how you’re feeling right now, it can help ease your pain and lessen the length of time you spend grieving, so that you can move on with your life.

Eclectic Counseling Brooklyn has guided countless people through the process of grieving a loved one, and understand what’s required to let go and live a happier healthy life. We believe anyone can change and improve their life, so contact us today and take the next step.

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