Is Online Therapy As Good As In-Person Therapy?

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As technology advances and grows more complex, so do the fields that can benefit from it. Many of us are understandably wary of these developments. However, we can now employ technology to improve patient care. Therapy sessions conducted online, via text chat, video call, or a combination of the two, are gaining popularity in Brooklyn, New York.

A therapist is there to listen, offer an impartial interpretation of your experiences, and point out patterns in thoughts or behaviors that you may have missed. This is how therapy can give you the tools to change the narrative you’ve been telling yourself about your life and start making changes even outside of sessions.

Video-based therapy has been around for decades. However, in Brooklyn, New York, it may feel like online therapy is a new development because of its accessibility and convenience. In contrast to traditional face-to-face counseling, talking to an online therapist can now be feasible from any location and on any internet-enabled device, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Why Do People Prefer Online Therapy?

Many individuals prefer internet counseling to traditional in-person sessions for various reasons. When treating mental health issues, studies show that online treatment can be just as beneficial as seeing a therapist face-to-face.

To a large extent, virtual therapy sessions are the same as face-to-face ones. A qualified online therapist can provide you with a safe and non-judgmental space. Even couples therapy and trauma work have been practiced through the internet as people are more likely to open up without the stress of travel and the tension of awkwardly lingering next to their partner in the waiting room.

Of course, face-to-face therapy can be beneficial, but it does appear to be a hassle for those outside of New York City, needing to travel long distances and take time away from their hectic schedule to participate. If you can access the internet and a trusted service provider, online therapy can provide quick and easy access to treatment that might not have been available to you otherwise. In addition, sitting on your couch, with the familiar smells and home comforts surrounding you, makes individuals feel more at ease.

Some might be hesitant to begin an online therapy connection for various reasons. Concerned that they won’t be able to bond as well as they would with a person who isn’t physically present is something that researchers have been looking into in depth over the past few years. Results show that most individuals found their experience helpful, and many noted benefits such as ease of access and a familiar environment. In fact, most participants in the study said it was just as beneficial as in-person therapy.

Does Online Therapy Work?

Some people prefer online therapy to in-person sessions because of the following:

  • Advantages in inconvenience and cost
  • Easier access to treatment and improved availability
  • Feeling safer in the comfort of their own home
  • Anxious people, especially those with social anxiety, are more likely to seek help from an online therapist
  • Some people find it easier to discuss personal matters online

It is essential to find an online therapist compatible with you and your requirements before beginning treatment with them, but this is not always possible at a location close enough to travel to for in-person sessions.

The Time Is Now To Seek Assistance

A qualified online therapist can aid self-discovery by assisting with goal-setting and accountability. Self-care requirements can be better met with the support of online therapy since it can shine a light on underlying issues and provide you with the tools you need to overcome them. New York offers a wide variety of online therapists.

To better your mental health, give us a call today and one of our online professionals will work with you to create a personalized action plan.

To Finish

Talking to an online therapist can be a valuable resource for understanding one’s mental health. Even if you already feel mentally healthy, you may benefit from this type of therapy.

Online counseling can be a convenient way to start talking to a professional. Since online treatment can be done anywhere, it’s a suitable option for people who need to take care of their mental health but don’t have easy access to services.

When compared to your relationships with friends and acquaintances, your therapist is on a different level. With a stranger, you can unleash your emotions without reciprocity or concern for how your friend will react. That is why online therapy is essential. Take that next step today and call Eclectic Counseling Brooklyn at 718-475-6779 or email us at [email protected]. Allow one of our online therapists to guide you to a more positive and happy life!


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